The end of October can bring one thing and one thing only…Halloween. And with Halloween comes; spooky stories, scary costumes, trick or treating, and Halloween parties. Here at Borderfields we will never pass up the excuse to have a party, and we have some frighteningly good ways to get you into the spirit of things, and help you plan the ‘purr-fect’ party.

Creating a spooky ambiance is the first step to hosting a Halloween party. Get creative with the lighting and your decorations, and you could even try carving some pumpkins. This will really get everyone in the mood. Now you’ve set the scene, it’s time to turn your attention to food, as a Halloween party isn’t complete without some delicious treats. At Borderfields we have some recipes, made with our cold pressed rapeseed oil, a healthier substitute to butter, that will add some Halloween magic to any party.

Our Carrot Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing and Sorted’s Orange Cake, are so simple to make and are just the thing for any party. We’d recommend decorating these in your own way, in order to fit with your Halloween theme.

Of course, no Halloween party is complete without some Jelly, and our Sweet Borderfields Jelly with Vanilla flavouring is a great alternative to shop bought jelly. By adding some plastic spiders or eyeballs into the mixture before it sets will make any party spooktactular, adding to you Halloween theme.

However you choose to create the Halloween feeling, have fun and be sure to share your Halloween interpretations of our bakes to our Facebook page here.

Happy Halloween!