It may have passed you by, but National Cupcake week kicks off today and we at Borderfields are very excited about it! From September 14th to September 20th, cupcake lovers everywhere will be treated to a host of delicious new recipes and an amazing National Cupcake Week Competition, bringing together the country’s best bakers to compete for the coveted championship title.

This is all done, courtesy of British Baker magazine, with the aim of getting people into baking cupcakes. The Borderfields team thinks this is fantastic! We love baking and are really passionate about getting people to give it a go. Cupcakes, pancakes, fruitcakes, any type of baked food you can think of!  The important thing is that you get involved – whether you’re the most experienced baker known to man, or have never held a whisk in your life.

And if you decide you want to give baking a go, we’re there for you. We are wholeheartedly committed to producing natural, simple and pure cold pressed rapeseed oil which can be used to bake some of the most amazing dishes (that are so much better for you than most baked products out there!).

If you’ve never visited our website before, we have loads of recipes here to get you inspired!  Feeling like a mid-morning snack? Why not have a bash at baking our succulent carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese icing?

If you’re looking to keep September’s cold and bitter weather at bay, you can’t go wrong with Kenny Atkinson’s Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies. Nothing will leave you feeling warmer or fuzzier inside!

You can even bring in the perfect addition to someone’s special day with Lottie Covell’s Banana, Chocolate and Caramel Birthday Cake, which is guaranteed to leave everyone smiling.