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Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

Not ashamed to admit it, but not that long ago we really knew nothing about ‘blogging’! It’s a relatively new thing and like most, when it first appeared through social media we didn’t really ‘get it.’ We assumed, like many, that this was likely to be another passing phase. Oh how wrong we were! Completely converted to this new form of writing we decided to start our own blog last year and haven’t looked back since.

Bloggers really do write about anything and everything, and without even realising it, many of us are reading and learning from them every day! The food and drink industry is a prime example. Not only is there a vast array of new, yummy and exciting creations being launched every day, but there is also an army of wannabe chefs chomping at the bit to trial, test and talk about them too!

So converted we are to the wonders of bloggerdom, that when an invitation landed on our desk to attend a ‘Bloggers Food and Drink Festival’, we were one of the first to sign up! So come and see us on Monday 20th July 6-9pm at Kanaloa, 18 Shoe Lane, London and share the fun

You’ll be able to meet a variety of both new and established food and drink brands including us! And we plan to take lots of lovely handmade [by Michelin Star Chef Kenny Atkinson of House of Tides no less!] samples for you, so make sure you attend with plenty of room in your tummy!

Click on the link to register your interest. Look forward to seeing you there!