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Our Borderfields competition for the Lincoln University Year 2 students proved even more challenging this year. Due to Covid restrictions and UK lockdowns, all the students were confined to working from home! How to start a food photography module without the “on-campus” professional studio and teachers devising online lectures demonstrating “how to build a home studio” was improvisational, as well as inspirational! So, huge congratulations to the 40 students who embraced the module by creating homemade recipes and homemade sets.

The results have been tremendous, with all students submitting Borderfields imagery and supporting Instagram stories as part of their year 2 coursework. Judging of all the entries was certainly close this year, with small margins determining the overall winners. Working with Keith James, Senior lecturer of Photography, we selected the best adaptations and creative imagery from all the entries.

Our 2021 winner is India Knowlson, who had focused on the Borderfields infusions range, with a bright lighting backdrop and a powerful supporting Instagram: featuring a recipe card programme. We had three runners up, with Emily Smith, Olivia Dale and Dom Bramley. And finally, four highly commended winners; Abby Richardson, Charlotte Tuck, Rebecca Orridge and Katherine Phillips.

We presented the winners with a range of goody bags, including the new Borderfields Gold range gift packs and larger infused bottles.

Congratulations to all the students, and good luck in year 3!