Borderfields Donation Keeps The Wheels Turning at Lincoln Food Bank

Borderfields Food bank
Picture of Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

To help ease the pressures that COVID-19 has put on food banks, Hammond Food Oils recently donated 1,000 bottles of cold-pressed rapeseed oil and sauces to the Trussell Trust in Lincoln.

Food banks are one of the many victims of COVID-19, with donations during the last few months said to be down considerably due to panic-buying during the first few weeks of the Government-endorsed lockdown.

Paul Davenport, Managing Director at Hammond Food Oils, said: “given all the issues in the food supply chain to supermarkets it was not surprising that the local food banks have been struggling to source donations.  Hopefully this helps highlight the issues that many are facing”

“We donated 500 bottles of our Borderfields cooking oil, as well as 500 bottles of our sister brand Stoffell’s sauces to Lincoln Food Bank, which is run by the trust and has several distribution centres in the city. We are also donating another 1000 bottles of Borderfields and Stoffell’s to the Nottingham Trussell trust sites in the next couple of weeks.

“The Trussell Trust provides such a valuable service for those in need of food and necessities and they need help and donations more than ever at the moment. As schools are not generally open, families who rely on breakfast and after-school clubs for a significant proportion of their daily meals are struggling. Those who are also undergoing job worries are also making more use of food banks at this time.

“If you’ve never donated, then this would be an ideal time to start. You can donate directly at any of the distribution centres or directly at supermarkets across the UK.”

The Lincoln Food Bank usually operates from the Alive! Church in the city, which is currently closed due to COVID-19, it is still operating its food banks across Lincoln and handed out more than 300 food parcels site to those in need last month.