Borderfields Garden Event with Kenny Atkinson

Garden Event with Kenny Atkinson
Picture of Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

On the 23rd August we invited some of the best foodies to come and join us for a day at the Borderfields Garden with Michelin Star chef Kenny Atkinson and a tour of the pressing and bottling plant in Nottinghamshire, and what a great day it was!

It was a scorching 30 degrees, and our ‘Bake Off’ style Borderfields tent was dressed up for some special visitors. Prior to the main event, our VIPs were given a guided tour of our pressing and bottling plant. This was a very exclusive and exciting opportunity to show off how our beautiful golden oil is produced, from seed, through to filtering 5 times and on to bottling and labelling. This was just the start of their Borderfields adventure!

The Borderfields Garden was the next stop, situated in the middle of the Nottinghamshire countryside surrounded by lush green open fields and an abundance of extremely decadent vegetables, from yellow and white carrots to purple cauliflower and rainbow chard. It was certainly a food lovers dream!

As the midday sun reached its peak in the sky, it was time for lunch, but no ordinary lunch! The Borderfields oil and infusions played a crucial part in educating how versatile this liquid gold can really be. Watermelon bites with Borderfields basil infusion, feta and mint, oven roasted purple cauliflower with Borderfields garlic infusion and an Indian carrot salad with Borderfields lemon infusion were just 3 of many delicious choices on offer for a perfect summer’s day lunch.

Felling full yet satisfied, it was time for a tour of the Borderfields Garden. Wandering through vegetable and herb patches, our guests could try veg freshly picked from the ground accompanied by ways on how Borderfields could enhance the flavours. Some would need a simple drizzling, and some would come to life by roasting. It certainly got everyone’s mouth watering. With the sun beating down and only a gentle breeze to cool us down, it was time to move into the tent for a quick bite of orange and rapeseed oil cake before getting ready for a Michelin starred cooking demonstration from head chef of House of Tides Kenny Atkinson. An ambassador and enthusiast for Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Kenny wasn’t hesitant in telling our guests how much he loves using Borderfields in his professional kitchen, as well as the health benefits and versatility it boasts. Within an hour and a half (and with the help from a few volunteers!), Kenny whipped up some thyme and lemon drizzle cake bars which were warm, soft, moist and melted in the mouth. A basil infusion mayonnaise – the striking colour and aroma alone was enough to set off the senses! Finally, grilled Mackerel with a salad of fennel and orange, brown shrimp and ginger vinaigrette, all to perfection, all made using Borderfields!

Image: Suchi, Kitchen Karma Blog 2016

It’s fantastic to host events such as the Borderfields Garden as it gives us the opportunity to engage with people who love food and love cooking. We are constantly thriving to educate more people on the benefits of cold pressed rapeseed oil and we hope we can encourage everyone to make the switch! We can’t wait for the next exciting gig.