British Pie Week 2015

British Pie Week
Picture of Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

Here at Borderfields HQ, as you’d expect we’re hugely passionate about all things British. We are 100% committed to supporting our hard working farmers and wherever possible incorporate seasonal, local produce in our recipes. Chefs we work with are all staunch advocates of buying British and their restaurants are flagships for the best home grown food you can find!

It will come as no surprise therefore that we’re more than a little bit excited it’s British Pie Week (2-8 March). We like to get involved in as many ‘British’ campaigns as possible and this one, which gives a big thumbs up to our great British classic is a winner for us. To get you started with a little recipe inspiration, the organisers of British Pie Week have created a downloadable FREE recipe booklet “Seven Perfect Pies” with a pie for every day of the week!

2015 is Borderfields’ tenth birthday too and what better way to celebrate than in true British style? We’re planning lots of competitions, Brit themed giveaways, plus not one but two amazing luxury break prizes in specially selected British Hotels! Add in some new locally sourced recipes and home cooked ideas and you get the idea of how fabulous this year is going to be …

5 good reasons why we should all buy British ..

  • You will be buying safe, traceable superior quality products
  • You will be supporting your local economy and helping agricultural businesses. The British farmer also represents very good value for fresh and delicious produce
  • You will be helping to maintain the beautiful British countryside by keeping the UK-based farmers in business and preserving our green and pleasant land
  • You will be supporting great British traditions: products such as English strawberries, Scotch whisky, Welsh lamb, British rapeseed oil etc. British food made from British ingredients from British farms represents the best of British culture.
  • Above all, it tastes great.Vote with your feet and only eat British food wherever possible. Our farmers are able to produce foods that taste better than imports all from our own land.

Enjoy pie week folks and be sure to keep up to speed with us on Twitter  and Facebook