Get ready for Summer!

Get Ready for Summer
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With June in full swing it’s finally time to wave goodbye to those cold wintery days and look forward to being more active and outdoors in the sun. Summer is a great time to explore new tastes and experiment with different recipes. It’s time to get out of that winter rut by letting some sun back into the kitchen.

At Borderfields we’ve created some exciting flavoured oils to help you try out new ideas for summer that are healthy and will leave you feeling guilt free. Our Lemon Infused Oil is zesty and fun, great on freshly grilled chicken or fish that needs an extra bit of flavour but still keeping it fresh and tasting amazing.

If you’re a fiery type and like to spice it up in the kitchen, why not try our Chilli Infused Oil? A quick and easy suggestion would be whipping up some noodles and fresh veg, cook in chilli oil to give it a kick and add in some prawns. This excitable dish would give the hot summer sun a run for its money!

Planning a picnic for a trip to the sea side? Garlic Infused Oil is excellent to use on top of bread. With the bottle being available in two sizes, the handy 125ml is perfect for fitting in any picnic hamper. The aromatic taste also complements mushrooms and potatoes, and because garlic is a superfood you’ll be feeling the health benefits.
With rapeseed being the third most grown crop in the UK after wheat and barley, the signature sunny yellow fields are sure to get you in the summery mood. Get your own infused oil here and embrace summer!