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Healthy Food Swap
Borderfields HQ
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We’re just over a week into 2015, and for many that means a week into a new healthy eating regime. Maybe you’re wanting to cut-back on certain calorific favourites or you’re simply looking to eat more healthily. Whatever your goal, here’s  five of our favourite top tips to help you make naturally better choices while still enjoying  great tasting food.

1. Rapeseed resolution

Maybe we’re biased but we’ve got to kick off with ditching olive oil and choosing Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil instead. It’s got half the saturated fat of olive oil and is packed with omega 3, 6 and 9 – need we say any more?  You can even use it to make homemade mayonnaise or healthier salad dressings. For recipe ideas using rapeseed oil click here.

2. Ease the cheese

If you’re a cheese lover and you can’t face cutting it out completely, a simple way of eating less is to grate it rather than slice it – it makes it go much further. You can also swap crackers for crunchy slices of apple too!

3. Sweet idea

If cutting out carbs is proving difficult, have you tried swapping regular white potatoes with the sweet variety? They are full of flavour and one medium sweet potato provides you with more than a day’s worth of vitamin A.

4. Go Greek

Let’s face it, plain Greek yogurt and sour cream taste practically the same, so next time you’re serving a pudding or rustling up some fajitas, opt for yogurt and pat yourself on the back.

5. Sounds bananas, right?

If ice cream is your guilty pleasure, this substitute is surely worth a try… frozen banana. You can even throw it in your food processor to create the same creamy texture. Cool idea!

Good luck to everyone with their new year’s resolutions.

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