IFE Trade Show 19th – 22nd March 2017

IFE Trade Show
Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

On March 19th the Borderfields team headed down to London for the 2017 International Food & Drink Event (IFE). Hosted at the Excel, the four day trade show welcomed over 1300 exhibitors from all corners of the globe. We took pride of place in the British & Irish food pavilion alongside some fantastic and innovative food and drink businesses.

This was our opportunity to showcase our wares to the export market, as well as retailers, wholesalers, independents and the restaurant industry. The IFE greets 29,000 visitors from 108 countries. Therefore the potential to meet some interesting people was colossal!

We set up our stand with displays of the range including our classic 500ml Borderfields, 5 litres, Infusions, dressings and a new addition to the family, Borderfields Gold. We filled up our dipping bowls with chilli, lemon, garlic and basil infusions which were beaming with colour and flavour. One of our chief bakers at Borderfields HQ whipped up some special chocolate chilli brownies, made with our very own Borderfields Chilli Infused Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil.

As we lined up the giveaways, the doors opened and the first wave of visitors sauntered through the maze of food and drink stands. Our eye catching displays and offerings of a good quality product made people stop to try. Garlic and chilli were the most opted for flavour to sample with a dipping of fresh bread or carrot. However, basil was the flavour that had people surprised and startled in the most positive way possible! Our chilli chocolate brownies were a hit and gave people enough sweetness before gracing them with a slight dose of heat before finishing. This was a perfect way to show people how versatile cold pressed rapeseed oil can really be. Not only is it fantastic for roasting and frying, but it is a wonderful alternative to butter in home baking.

During the four day event it was refreshing and exciting to see that the education on the benefits of cold pressed rapeseed oil is starting to reach out. Many visitors would stop to admire the brand, telling us they already use our oil and bragging about the health benefits it gives us as well as their knowledge of saturated fat content and how it compares to olive oil. That’s a thumbs up from us, we encourage everyone to keep spreading the word!

Our newest product, Borderfields Gold, made its 2017 debut and caught the eyes of buyers wanting something a little special on their shelves. Made with a specially selected seed and produced in small batch runs, Gold is an artisanal style cold pressed rapeseed oil with a distinct nutty flavour. Keep your eyes peeled for Borderfields Gold landing on a shelf near you soon!