Borderfields Infusions – Give the Gift of Flavour

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Borderfields HQ

Struggling on what to buy your loved ones this Christmas? Refuse to buy another pair of singing socks or woolly jumper? Treating them to something they will enjoy using is way more satisfying.

Borderfields Infusions are great additions to any food lover’s pantry. Made with our market leading cold pressed rapeseed oil, the infusion flavours are mouth watering and moreish. Chilli, garlic, basil and lemon can be added to all kinds of everyday cooking for quick, fuss-free flavour.

The Borderfields Chilli Infusion is great for drizzling over pizza and pasta for a warming kick. It also compliments spaghetti Bolognese and freshly made chilli con carne. If there’s anything that requires a punch of heat, this ruby tinted oil has you covered.

A fan of baking? Our lemon infusion is a healthy and delicious ingredient to a classic lemon drizzle cake. By substituting butter for this zesty addition, you are packing in the flavour and saving on saturated fat! Don’t have a sweet tooth? Try drizzling over roast chicken with some fresh thyme for that classic flavour.

Our beautifully fragrant emerald green basil oil is the dark horse out of the bunch and with its sublime smell and flavour it is a match made in heaven drizzled over fresh tomato and mozzarella bruschetta or added to some fresh basil, pine nuts, and parmesan for a deep and pungent pesto.

Last but not least is garlic, one of the most popular flavours to add to everyday cooking, from sizzling prawn stir-fry to making the crispiest roast potatoes for the ultimate Sunday lunch. you can add great quality flavour without the need to peel and crush those awkward cloves.

What are you waiting for? There’s 20% off Borderfields 125ml and 250ml gift packs at Amazon until 21st December, so you can treat your foodie friends and family in time for Christmas!