January Eat Well Month

Eat Well Month
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Spent the entire length of December indulging on roast potatoes, leftover turkey and stuffing sandwiches, boxes of chocolates, Christmas pudding, endless cheese boards and plenty of port!?

Every year at Christmas time, we turn off the calorie counter and head straight into onesies and selection boxes in front of the television. But now the festivities are over and you feel its time to join the gym, eat healthy and shed some pounds.

Borderfields is a great addition to your January pledge. Boasting half the saturated fat of olive oil and a super alternative to butter, you will be well on your way to enjoying some healthy nutrient packed meals. Tom Aiken’s vegetable noodle salad is a wonderful way to hit your five a day. The dressing incorporates Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, ginger, lime, chilli, soy and honey for a delicious oriental flavour. Healthy does not have to be boring! Avocado baked eggs with Borderfields chilli infused rapeseed oil makes a breakfast loaded with protein and healthy fats, which is perfect pre or post workout and giving you the energy you need to fuel your day ahead.

Colourful vegetable salads loaded with grains, greens and soft boiled eggs is another way to fill you up in the best possible way, drizzle lemon infused Borderfields for an instant lift without worrying about saturated fat and unwanted calories.

In need of healthy lunch ideas? Try making vegetable frittata style muffin cups by incorporating veg of your choice with whisked egg, add to muffin tray that has been greased with Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil and bake until golden. They are a great way to add substance and flavour to any leafy salad. High in Omega 3, Borderfields is a great way of putting into your body what’s good without too much thought. Incorporating into your everyday meals as part of a healthy lifestyle, cold pressed rapeseed oil is not only high in Omega 3 which helps maintain a healthy heart but is also contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Make the switch today and power through January like you’ve never done before.