Kenny’s Kitchen… Embracing seasonal British produce

Kennys Kitchen
Picture of Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

I love the spring and summer months as British crops flourish and come to life. It’s the perfect opportunity to buy the freshest food that’s on your doorstep. It’s important for me as a chef to ensure as much fresh British produce is served in my restaurant. Tastier food means happier guests!

I find spring lamb an excellent meat to use in dishes at this time of year. As a strong supporter of buying British produce, buying from local farmers cuts down on travel time and guarantees better quality and freshness. Why not add some sweet cherry tomatoes that are also in season to really complement the succulent taste of the lamb.

One of my favourite spring vegetables would have to be asparagus; its intense savoury taste is perfect for accompanying lamb or sea bass. In season from May to July, now is the perfect time to buy Asparagus to really make the most of the fresh taste. Give it a kick by dipping in some Borderfields rapeseed oil mayonnaise or simply drizzling on some Borderfields cold pressed rapeseed oil.

It’s really important to support local produce and really make the most of our seasonal British vegetables whilst they’re in their prime. That’s why I love Borderfields as I know they share my passion with everything British and the flavour is of a top quality.

At House of Tides we currently have our spring taster menu including some of the produce above.  With strong British elements to it I’ve found it to be extremely popular and ideal for lighter, more palatable summer dishes. So embrace this summer and do your bit to support British food!