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With summer now drawing to an end, I’m sure many of you have been enjoying all the vegetables that have been in season over the past couple of months: asparagus, runner beans, aubergine, kale, peppers, marrow, chicory, courgette – and that’s only naming a few!

As a chef I am constantly working to develop dishes and adding new twists to old classics, with so many vegetables available to get creative with, this time of year is always exciting in my kitchen.  At House of Tides I’ve been combining seasonal fish with fresh produce, such as scallops and sea bass with apples and celery, to really make the most of the fresh produce around.

This is also a great time of year for those who find veg a bit of a chore to cook with, something they feel they have to eat but perhaps don’t see as the star attraction of a dish. With so much fresh veg around I would encourage everyone to challenge that approach and to experiment. Meat is important, it’s a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, but don’t overlook your greens as boring. My healthy pizza recipe is a great way to use seasonal veg such as peppers and courgette, and Borderfields Rapeseed Oil works really well for both the tomato sauce and the dough. With 7 percent saturated fat (compared to 14 percent in olive oil or 51 percent in butter) it really helps make this pizza a healthy option.

Another way of combining all the veg that is currently around is salads. I find Borderfields Infusions range a great way to invigorate them and to add new flavours. If you like your food hot the Chilli Infusion adds a fiery kick and I particularly enjoy using the Basil and Lemon flavours, the Lemon works especially well in salads containing fish.