Kenny’s Kitchen: ‘Tis the season to be…buying cauliflower and beetroot

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Borderfields HQ

Everyone who knows me is aware that I’ve got a real passion for supporting local producers.

We grow and produce some of the best food in the world, right here in the UK, and we should celebrate it.  I like to see seasonal vegetables on menus; I like to visit farmers’ markets and I like to phone my friend Ken Holland of North Country Growers in the morning and serve up his freshly grown produce that very evening at the House of Tides.  Why buy an apple that has travelled half way around the world when there are delicious UK-grown ones you can easily get your hands on? The same goes for oil; why import olive oil from overseas when you can pick up a bottle of Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil that’s grown, pressed and bottled by farmers throughout Britain.

There are many reasons why I champion local food. Fresh foods are packed full of nutrients which can be lost along the way as they move from trucks to planes and so on. By purchasing locally grown foods you’re making a healthier choice while helping support our farming industry and maintaining its wonderful landscapes.

Also, and very importantly, locally grown produce tastes and looks fantastic when it’s picked at its peak and arrives on the plate within a matter of hours. Every fruit and vegetable has a prime time when it’s full of flavour and at its best – you don’t want to miss it. Right now our kitchens should be embracing vegetables like beetroot, cauliflower and celeriac – I know mine is!

Kenny Atkinson is the Chef Proprietor of House of Tides restaurant on Newcastle’s quayside. Please visit for more information.