Lincoln University Photography Competition

Lincoln University
Picture of Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

In October 2019, as part of the Lincoln University Year 2 Photography BA Hons module, Borderfields offered a brief to come up with the best photo to portray either Healthy Eating, the Borderfields Partnership with the British Heart Foundation or Christmas. As in previous years the response from all the students was great and offered so many varied and differing interpretations of the subjects.

On February 14th, Peter Watson (Distract) and Paul Davenport (Borderfields) met with Senior Photography Lecturer Keith James at Lincoln University to review all the entries. In total 36 students submitted images, making the judging ask exciting and challenging.

As always we were not to be disappointed with a wide range of ideas, concepts and photographic techniques being used. After much debate we selected our winner; Jack Morrison.

In addition to the striking Borderfields and British Heart Foundation Partnership photo Jack had also entered a range of other Borderfields imagery that showed great skill and offered the new and exciting imagery of the Borderfields infusions range.

The difficulty in separating some of the photography always makes for an entertaining judging session and as in previous years we also choose several other students whose imagery caught the imagination.

We awarded three runners up prizes to Oli Mayes, Lucy Bennet and Annie Baldwin and two highly commended awards to Chloe Ellmer and Isabelle Wallace.