University of Lincoln Photography Competition 2017

Rapeseed Oil seeds
Picture of Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

It’s been a busy few months for Borderfields and this month has been no exception. At the start of the year we approached University of Lincoln and challenged the year 2 photography course students to put together a portfolio of work incorporating Borderfields.

With a pretty open brief and the essential facts and background on cold pressed rapeseed oil, the students were free to play around with their creative skills and wild imagination.

April and May brings springtime and is the perfect season to be heading outside, taking in the country air and witnessing the sea of yellow which fills our British landscape. Oil seed rape is all around us and this was just some of the inspiration taken by the students.

Recipe cards, pop art inspired images and clean cut studio shots were all angles the students took in order to create their own individual style.

Keith James, module leader, was happy to show us through work books and blogs that the students had put together whilst doing the project. It gave us a real feel for how each student gathered their inspiration.

It was extremely difficult to make a decision on the winning photographs. Two students were so close to the top spot that we had to award joint first, the standard really was that high! After some deliberation, our winning photographers were Oliver Oglesby and Fiona Allen.

Photo Credit, Fiona Allen.

Photo Credit, Fiona Allen.

Fiona’s use of natural light and nature as well as unique technique and imagination achieved outstanding results and really did sway us. Fiona used a sheet of glass and a spray bottle along with a pipette and some oil to create a wonderful raindrop effect. She also incorporated some nature shots with the use of rapeseeds and petals.

Oliver’s set of photos using a classic black and white filter and a toned physique, showed a different approach and a completely new cutting edge marketing idea, worthy of editorial and billboard space. His style of photography would certainly get people talking. He chose to add captions onto some of the images to create connotations for cooking different cuts of meat but these were represented on a human body which seemed to be a glamorous yet clever tactic.

We would like to congratulate all of their students on their hard work and dedication to the project, Jacob Fairhall, Charlie Brown, Victoria Maxwell and Charlotte Nye. The Borderfields team were very impressed with the standard presented and we wish them the best of luck for the future.

You can see some of the Borderfields photography at this years Lincolnshire Show at the University of Lincoln stand on 21st June 2017.