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British Rapeseed Oils
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Borderfields HQ

It’s time to scrap the cap(sule)!
Here at Borderfields, we are continuing our journey to reduce our impact on the environment by removing unnecessary plastic packaging both within our products and across our business. This time it’s the plastic capsule which is getting the boot!
The black plastic capsule which encased the neck and twisting cap of our bottles has now been removed from all our bottles across the Borderfields range. Unfortunately, this unnecessary piece of packaging was un-recyclable, so we chose to make it entirely redundant from our packing process, which has already helped prevent tonnes of waste plastic from entering our wider global environment and our oceans.
Our British cold pressed rapeseed oil is now proudly on show from top to toe of every bottle standing bold on your shelf, kitchen counter or cupboard in all its golden glory for all to see!

The new paper-based label promotes striving for a new lifestyle, taking more consideration for your health, wellbeing, and impact on the wider environment, by featuring people walking the dog and flying a kite in the great British outdoors – promoting general exercise and an active lifestyle complemented by simply changing your cooking oil.
Swapping from a high saturated fat content, high food mile and high environmental impacting oil to low saturated fat, British- grown, British-made cold pressed Rapeseed oil can have a huge positive impact on both your personal health as well as the wider environment.
More recently, we have included a bright and decorative cardboard collar to capture the customer’s attention at eye level to promote the many health-positive attributes of cold pressed rapeseed oil that many may not already be aware of…
Distributed across the 4 sides of the collar are the key qualities of Borderfields golden rapeseed oil:
– Half the saturated fat of olive oil – making it an all-round healthier oil for cooking 
– Ideal for Frying, Roasting, Baking & Drizzling – an incredibly versatile oil for all kitchen uses
– High in Omega 3 – a near perfect balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 for a great source of essential fatty acids
– Has a higher smoke point of 230ºC – much higher than olive oil’s 190ºC making cold pressed rapeseed oil a better option for frying and roasting without all the smoke
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