Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015
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Unless you’ve been stuck in outer space for the past few days, you’ll probably be aware that the Rugby World Cup is in full swing at the moment. Until the grand final on 31st October, you’ll be able to watch the national squads from across the world compete for the coveted World Cup title. Borderfields wishes every team taking part all the luck in the world but as a company with a long history of producing healthy, pure and natural cold pressed rapeseed oil in both England and Scotland, we can’t help but give the participating English and Scottish squads a little extra encouragement.

The best thing about the World Cup, however, is its power to inspire a new generation of rugby players.  The next month or so is the perfect opportunity to get people of all ages playing and enjoying rugby.  At Borderfields, though, we think getting into any sport is fantastic. It keeps you fit, improves your health, and boosts your overall quality of life. What’s not to like?! So to celebrate the Rugby World Cup and give you a little incentive to take up a sport that takes your fancy, here are a few gorgeous, healthy recipes guaranteed to give you the energy to get through any match, race or training session you can think of.

If exercise makes you hungry, Valentine Warner’s Fried lamb chops in turmeric with tomato sauce is the perfect way to get your strength back.  Filling, healthy, and garnished with the finest cold pressed rapeseed oil on the market, this dish is guaranteed to have you satisfied.  And if you want to make your post-match dinner a special affair, you can’t go amiss with Borderfield’s delicious marinated Gressingham duck breast with oriental salad.  Trust us when we say it’ll make all the hard work you’re putting in really worth it.

For those looking for a filling vegetable dish, Rachel Green’s roast potatoes, parsnips and shallots with an optional covering of pancetta is definitely worth a try. Healthy and filling in equal measure, this is guaranteed to keep any budding athlete happy!