The beginning of a yellow summer

Borderfields Field
Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

Well we’re a month further on with the farming cycle and my how things are progressing.

Anyone travelling up and down the railways and motorways of the UK in recent weeks must have noticed the surrounding fields are yellower than ever. The bright dandelion-yellow flowers of oilseed rape have been a familiar sight across farmland in spring across the country for years but there appears to be an ever increasing percentage of farmland given over to this wonderful bright bold crop!

It’s widely known that rapeseed oil is actually one of the highest quality vegetable oils, and it has gained a certain culinary respectability over recent years.

It’s now being used as mayonnaise, in margarine, salads, for roasting, baking, in marinades and of course stir frying. As well as its versatility, cold pressed rapeseed oil also has a good health profile with lower saturated fat levels verses comparable oils, it’s high in omega-3, and some claim it is better than sunflower oil. Its high smoke point means you can heat it to 240 degrees without the oil breaking down or any of the benefits being lost.

The oil also has some high profile fans, with Chefs James Martin and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall said to be converts to the rapeseed revolution. Check out our recipes page to see a number of great Chef’s views about Borderfields.

And next time you are on your travels, remember that the beautiful yellow scenery translates to beautiful liquid gold in a bottle. Borderfields oil is simply cold pressed, five times filtered and it’s British. Our simple process results in a naturally better product: we do nothing to our oil so you can do more with it!