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Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

There are times when we just need a little inspiration in the kitchen. One of the most enjoyable ways to experience foreign cultures is through cuisine.

We live in an age where recipes from around the world are instantly available on websites just like ours. However, nothing beats sampling the tastes and flavours from foreign lands and trying to replicate them at home.

As a British producer of cold pressed rapeseed oil, here at Borderfields we’re passionate about all things British, from Yorkshire Puddings to Christmas mince pies – we love them all. That said, when your flight has landed and the washing machine is on, you don’t have to revert straight back to your old cooking ways with your regular weekly meals. In fact, keeping up with the holiday inspired food is a great way of making that holiday mood last longer and keeping the back to work blues at bay.

For many, the summer holidays are a distant memory, but as the weather gets colder there’s nothing stopping you from heating up your kitchen with tastes and flavours from past adventures. Think tasty tapas, a classic Coq au Vin or a North African tagine – a real stew with attitude.

If that’s not enough inspiration for your cooking, maybe you’re in need of a holiday. Why not enter our Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Christmas competition where you could win a luxury holiday in Marrakech for two. The prize means you get to sample the local cuisine and includes a cookery class so you can brush up your skills and bring a series of tasty recipes back home to enjoy.

Now there’s food for thought.