What to do in the Easter holidays?

Stonebaked Pizza
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With the Easter holidays just around the corner, many mums and dads will be wondering how to keep the youngsters entertained for two whole weeks. Well, to us at Borderfields it’s an obvious one – plan an adventure in your very own kitchen.

Cooking is a brilliant, non-expensive activity to do with your children. Not only can they pick up a range of skills, but it can be heaps of fun too. You never know, you might discover your family has a budding young chef in the making.

So, here are Borderfields’ top three tips for cooking with children this Easter…

It’s going to get messy

Get your aprons at the ready!  We love this farm-themed one by Cath Kidston. Remember, kids in the kitchen are pretty much a guarantee for a great big mess. Try not to worry though, the messy moments can sometimes be the most fun and you can always clear up afterwards.

What’s on the menu?

To begin with, especially with little ones, choose recipes that are easy and allow them to get creative. Pizza is always a popular choice. We love Kenny Atkinson’s healthy pizza recipe. The dough base is really easy to make and you can let them choose their toppings and arrange them into funny faces. This can be a great way to teach kids about making healthy food choices too.


Allow enough time. Trying to cram a cookery session in between a toddler group and a trip to the dentist will only be rushed and stressful. You can make a whole day out of cooking activities and enjoy a feast at the end of it.

Happy cooking everyone!