What’s the best oil to use for roasting veg?

Roasted Vegetables
Borderfields HQ
Borderfields HQ

Here at Borderfields we’re passionate about all things British; from Sunday roasts to summer BBQs in the sun. Why not enjoy your roast knowing it’s been cooked in healthy cold pressed rapeseed oil?

The Daily Mail recently reported that the best oil to use for roasting veg was, of course, rapeseed oil. Here’s why we agree:

  • Using rapeseed oil provides many great health benefits and has half the saturated fat content compared to olive oil;
  • It has a near perfect balance of omega 3, 6 & 9;
  • It’s a great source of natural Vitamin E;
  • Rapeseed oil is perfect for roasting or frying, due to its high smoke point, compared to other oils; and
  • It adds real taste and flavour to your cooking.

Great news for health conscious foodies!

Why not try this roast potato, parsnip and shallot with pancetta recipe for a tasty and healthy addition to your BBQ or Sunday roast meals? Alternatively, have a go at a different take on traditional roast veg by trying our range of infusions oils. With four different flavours to choose from, including garlic and chilli, these are hugely versatile oils that are true kitchen essentials.  It’s always great to try different flavours in the kitchen and using Borderfields cold pressed rapeseed oil is a great labour saver!