There are all manner of reasons why borderfields is better.

There are almost too many to mention, in fact. But the following 10 are an ideal place to start.


Better Quality. The Best, In Fact. Made using only the finest-quality culinary rapeseed, carefully selected and tested prior to bottling, each and every time.

Borderfields is made using only the finest-quality culinary rapeseed. While most rapeseed grown in the UK is for non-food use, Borderfields only chooses rapeseed varieties that taste great. Every batch of seed is carefully selected from a spread of the UK’s top growers, and each and every batch is tested prior to bottling. Every single time. No compromises. This means knowing exactly who grows what for Borderfields, and where, and exactly how – with full transparency from seed to bottle, and beyond. We don’t think any other British rapeseed oil brand can make this claim.




Pure, simple processing – The only cold pressed rapeseed oil brand to be filtered five times before bottling. Others only do this once or twice…

At Borderfields we keep our processing pure and simple. After careful selection our seeds are cold pressed – and that’s all. There is nothing else involved between pressing the seed and filtering the oil. And our filtering is second to none. No other brand filters five times like Borderfields to deliver such an exceptionally pure and bright oil. And by the way, don’t be fooled by industrially-produced ‘refined’ rapeseed oils that are trying to cash in on cold pressed rapeseed’s quality and popularity. It isn’t the best unless it’s cold pressed.




Delightfully versatile – A better choice for roasting, frying, drizzling, sizzling and baking.

Choosing better rapeseeds means our oil is brilliant for a wide range of culinary uses. Whether it’s high temperature roasting or frying, drizzling a dressing over a favourite salad or baking up delicious breads, cakes and biscuits, Borderfields keeps its deliciously delicate flavour. Other oils demand that you use different grades for different types of cookery, but Borderfields is both functional and fabulous, whatever you’re doing in the kitchen.




A naturally higher “smoke” point than olive oil – Locking in the benefits of rapeseed and avoiding the release of toxins at high temperatures.

If you have ever tried roasting potatoes with extra virgin olive oil you’ll know how quickly the oven (and the kitchen!) can fill with smoke. The low smoke (or burn) point of some oils means that they are simply unsuitable for some cooking methods, whatever their manufacturers tell you. There are concerns too about some of the compounds released when these oils start to break down at high temperatures. Borderfields is better, with a naturally high smoke point, there are no worries about its performance in the oven – or filling your home with fumes!




It’s a healthier choice too. With half the saturated fat of olive oil and a near perfect balance of Omegas 3, 6 and 9.

Olive oil has been promoted as a healthy choice for years and much is made of the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. But we think Borderfields can beat that too. With only half the saturated fat of olive oil and a near perfect balance of omega oils as recommended by nutritionists, it’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants to eat more healthily.




Borderfields boasts a clean, subtle and buttery flavour that’s consistent in every batch.

Some rapeseed oils are dogged by inconsistency, but with Borderfields we guarantee a consistently good, subtly buttery flavour in every bottle. We have the widest choice of the highest quality culinary oilseeds available to us, meaning we can reject seeds that don’t meet our high standards of quality and flavour. Some brands have to use the seed from only one farm which, being a natural product is certain to lead to inconsistency. Borderfields is better than that.




And all at the best possible price.

We’re not here to make a quick buck from a culinary trend. We want to continue to build Borderfields – already the number one cold pressed rapeseed oil in the UK – into a leading brand so that more and more people can enjoy it. So we’ve taken the decision to keep prices as reasonable as possible. Borderfields buyers are getting the highest quality oil at the best possible price.




With Britishness at its heart, every Borderfields product is blessed with Rapeseed oil that’s grown, cold pressed and bottled in Britain.

We’re proud to be a British brand, providing a high quality ‘home grown’ product for British consumers. Unlike olive oils, which may rack up thousands of ‘food miles’ across Africa and Europe before they reach the UK, we’re British grown, pressed and bottled. As well as being great for the environment, it means we’re supporting British farming and the British countryside too.




And farmers at the heart of the business – Made up of a partnership of growers with generations of experience and a real passion for what they do.

Borderfields only exists because of the passion of a group of founding farmers – and those that have come along since – to grow culinary rapeseed of the highest quality and use it to create a delicious cold pressed rapeseed oil. There are some 40 farmers now tending the land to grow the best rapeseed possible for Borderfields across the UK, meaning we’re thoroughly rooted (pun intended) in the British countryside.




Plus a guaranteed supply of seeds from a wide geographical spread of farms across the UK – With full traceability from farm to bottle.

We can confidently predict that we won’t run short of beautiful British rapeseed because we have farmers all over the country growing it exclusively for Borderfields. It means that if adverse weather conditions affect one part of the country we can still produce the finest cold pressed rapeseed oil available using seed from elsewhere. Whatever happens, we continue to keep track of all the seeds that go into Borderfields, from farm to bottle.