Serves 4

1 ripe pineapple, peeled and cut into 2-3cm chunks

1 Apple (e.g. Granny Smith), cored and cut into finely sliced sticks

Juice of 2 lemons (75g)

150g clear honey

250ml Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (use lemon or basil infused oil if desired)

Fresh mint to garnish


Start by mixing lemon juice and honey in a blender, then add in the Borderfields Cold Pressed rapeseed Oil and blend until you have a thick and smooth sauce.

Take 4 individual serving bowls and place a large spoon of dressing in the bottom of each bowl.

Arrange pineapple chunks in the bowl on top of the dressing and scatter the apple match sticks over the top.


Garnish with fresh mint and serve.