200g pork sausages
100g vacuum-packed chestnuts, finely chopped
2 banana shallots, finely chopped
100g fresh breadcrumbs
1½ tbsp chopped fresh sage
2 small eggs beaten
2 tablespoons of Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil


1. Remove the sausage meat from the skins and put into a bowl.

2. Add the chopped chestnuts and shallots and mix into the sausage meat.

3. Add the breadcrumbs, sage, egg and season with salt & pepper, mix thoroughly.

4. Spoon the sausage meat on to a sheet of cling film and tightly roll into a sausage shape and tie the ends of the cling film. Place into a pan of hot water and simmer for approx. 25 minutes, remove and chill over night in the fridge.

5. Remove the stuffing from the cling, in a hot pan, pan- fry until golden on all sides in a little rapeseed oil, then brush a sheet of tin foil with soft butter lay the stuffing on top and wrap in tin foil tightly into a sausage shape, bake in a pre heated oven for approx. 20 minutes at 180 degrees, remove from oven and remove tin foil. Slice using a sharp knife.